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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Keynote Views

I already showed you the Slide Navigator and Outline views in an earlier post -- Keynote provides two more views that I will show you in this post.

These two views are:

  • Slide Only
  • Light Table
Both these views can be accessed by using the options found in the View menu as you can see in Figure 1. To view the "Slide Only" view, choose the View | Slide Only option.

View Slide Only
Figure 1: View Slide Only (or Light Table)

You access the Light Table view in the same way by choosing the View | Light Table option.

The Slide Only view is almost the same as the Slide Navigator and Outline views -- other than the fact that there is no Navigator or Outline panes on the left. So all you get to see is the active slide as shown in Figure 2. This is great if you want to save a little extra screen real estate to get a larger slide view.

Slide Only View
Figure 2: Slide Only view

Finally, the Light Table view shows you thumbnail size previews of all slides in your presentation -- much more than what the Slide Navigator can show you. Figure 3 shows you the Light Table view -- PowerPoint users will immediately recognize this as the same as PowerPoint's Slide Sorter view.

Light Table View
Figure 3: Light Table view

Since I am discussing views in Keynote, here's a small trick -- I already showed you that you can access these views through the options in the View menu. However, you can also get to these views by clicking the View button on the Toolbar -- click the button and it shows you a small menu that you can see in Figure 4 -- choose any view you want.

View options from Toolbar
Figure 4: View options from the Toolbar

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