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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Slide Navigator or Outline

If you followed my last post on the Keynote interface, you know there was nothing mentioned about an Outlining pane or something similar -- and that's something keenly observed by a PowerPoint user.

Well, there actually is a very similar Outline pane -- and it's in exactly the same position as where you would expect it to be! Yes, it's in the same screen real estate as the Slide Navigator -- just choose View | Outline, as shown in Figure 1.

View Outline Option
Figure 1: View Outline option

This changes the left pane from the Slide Navigator to the Outline -- you can see both the views in Figure 2 below.

Slide Navigator View View Outline
Figure 2: Slide Navigator view (left) and Outline view (right)

To change back from Outline view to Slide Navigator view, choose View | Navigator.

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Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Keynote Interface

The Keynote interface is clean and simple as you can see in Figure 1.

Keynote Interface
Figure 1: The Keynote interface

The interface comprises three (or four) visible areas:

  • The Slide Navigator on the left side shows thumbnails of all slides in the open presentation.
  • The Slide Area shows the active slide you are working on, or viewing.
  • The Toolbar over the Slide Area comprises icons for commonly used commands, and several other options.
  • The Presenter Notes panel may not be visible as in Figure 1 above -- to view the Presenter Notes, choose View | Presenter Notes as shown in Figure 2.
Show Presenter Notes
Figure 2: Viewing Presenter Notes

Figure 3 shows you the Keynote interface with the Presenter Notes visible. Note that this a toggle option -- so you can choose the same option repeatedly to alternate between viewed and hidden states of the Presenter Notes panel. With the Presenter Notes panel visible, this option will be View | Hide Presenter Notes.

Keynote Interface with Presenter Notes
Figure 3: Interface with Presenter Notes

You can also hide and view the toolbar in the same way -- choose the View | Hide (or Show) Toolbar to do this.

In addition to the interface elements described above, you might also see the Ruler and one of four floating panels called Inspector, Media, Colors, and Fonts. Also, the Toolbar may have spawned an additional bar called the Format Bar right under itself. In subsequent posts, I'll explain these and more interface elements.

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