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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Running Keynote for the first time

When you run Keynote for the first time (or when you run Pages or Numbers), you are asked to input the serial number of the product, as shown in Figure 1.

iWork Serial
Figure 1: Enter your iWork serial

The serial number can be found within the packaging, typically on a sticker pasted on the Installing iWork booklet. If you bought the product at an online store without a physical delivery, the serial number can be found in the subsequent email you received.

Type in the serial number including all the dashes, and click the Continue button. Thereafter, you'll be asked to provide registration info as shown in Figure 2. And yes, my email address really isn't [email protected]!

iWork Registration
Figure 2: Send in your registration info to the folks at Apple

Thereafter you'll see a small Connecting window -- this means your registration info is transmitted to Apple's user database. Normally, this takes a few seconds, and you then see the "Thank you" window, as shown in Figure 3.

Registration Sent
Figure 3: Your registration was successful

Thereafter, Keynote will launch. If there's an update available at that time, you may be provided with an option to download it immediately.

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